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Nick Accad

Unix/Linux/VMware Systems Administrator


I'm a Linux and Unix guy, basically I manage networks and servers.. My strong points are Linux and FreeBSD, others include Net/OpenBSD, IRIX, AIX, SCO, Solaris. I even dabble a bit in OpenVMS. And yes, I do Windows, just don't tell anyone :)


  • Technical Support Engineer II
  • VMware
  • June 2009 – Present (Burlington, Ontario)
  • VMware ESX/vSphere Storage/Fault Technical Support
  • SAN and NAS support, Fiber Channel, iSCSI and NFS
  • Technical Design advice and infrastructure troubleshooting.
  • Disaster Recovery design and implementation (Site Recovery Manager (SRM) and Data Protection (VDP)).
  • Experience: multiple SAN and NAS management and troubleshooting, ESX installation, configuration and management.

  • Unix/Linux Systems Administrator
  • Independant Consultant (Self-employed)
  • November 2003 – Present

  • Infrastructure Specialist
  • Nokia
  • October 2008 – May 2009 (Montreal, Quebec)
  • Design secured network topology for production environment;
  • Install, setup and configure server, network components (firewall, switch, load balancer);
  • Ensure proper monitoring of all servers and network components;
  • Perform system audit checks to ensure reliability and security;
  • Create monthly performance network stats;
  • Keep abreast of new technologies, industry trends and changes;
  • Purchasing of production hardware/software equipment;
  • Maintain software licenses;
  • Ensure accuracy of all documentation and diagrams;
  • Troubleshoot and resolve hardware, software, and connectivity problems.

  • Systems Administrator
  • Hexago
  • January 2008 – July 2008 (Montreal, Quebec)
  • IPv6 Research and Deployment
  • project support
  • Systems and Networks administrator

  • Cross Platform Systems Administrator
  • Maximum Throughput Inc.
  • November 2006 – January 2008 (Montreal, Quebec)

  • Servers and Network Administrator
  • Inc.
  • April 2003 – November 2006 (Montreal, Quebec)

  • Systems Administrator
  • Primonics
  • November 2001 – April 2003 (Montreal, Quebec)
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